The role of baby pillow.

Baby pillows play a pivotal role in the development of the baby's head. The choice of the baby's pillow is related to the safety, health and normal development and growth of the baby, which must not be ignored. According to a national census organized by the China Fertility Association, families must pay enough attention to the many injuries and impacts caused by improper use of pillows for infants and young children.

1. When the baby is half a year old, it is an important stage of head development. If the baby's head cannot be properly cared for, it will have a great impact on the blood circulation of the baby's head, which is not good for the baby. Growth and development will also affect the physiological function of the head and neck, and may also cause deformities in the baby's head development. Choosing a good baby pillow can not only protect the baby's cervical spine, but also shape the baby's head.

2. The baby pillow has a good protection for the baby's head and neck. Because the newborn's neck is straight, using the pillow will oppress the baby's cervical vertebra. The baby pillow has a pit, which is especially suitable for babies. It can also effectively prevent the baby's head from turning back and forth, without any pressure on the baby's cervical spine, which is beneficial to the baby's growth and development and the blood circulation of the head. The most important function of this pillow is to prevent and prevent the occurrence of the baby's head, and it also has a significant effect on correcting the baby's head and flat head.