How to choose the right baby pillow for your baby?

1. The choice of baby pillow material

The baby's skin is very delicate, and some babies sweat more easily when they sleep at night, so when choosing the material of the pillow, you need to choose some healthy and natural fabrics, and they must have good moisture absorption and perspiration. . In this way, the baby is safer when in direct contact, and it is not easy to have skin allergies and rashes.

2. Functional design of baby pillow

Nowadays, many baby pillows also have different functional designs, which are similar in type to our adult design. They are mainly divided into ordinary pillows, cervical vertebra protection, stereotyped pillows and so on. Ordinary pillows are designed to meet ordinary needs. The shape is relatively flat, and the neck pillow will have a high and low curve design that is more in line with the physiological curve of the cervical spine.

3. Softness and size of baby pillow

Finally, we have to take a comprehensive look at the design of baby pillows in terms of softness, hardness and size, which are related to the use effect of the pillow and the comfort of the baby. We need to choose a pillow with moderate hardness. The key point is to see whether the resilience is good or not, and whether it can support the baby's head. If the pillow is too hard, it is easy to rest the baby's head, and if it is too soft, there is no pillow effect.