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MEMOS Outdoor Furniture - Memo's Outdoor Furniture Exhibition is waiting for you at Guangzhou International Center!

The 49th China Family Expo (Guangzhou) was officially held from July 17 to 20. It is the world's largest furniture expo with the highest quality and influence. At present, the world's only large furniture expo with the distinctive characteristics of the whole theme and the whole industry chain. "Design leads, internal and external circulation, and full chain coordination" is the action program and development direction for the future period. The exhibition covers an area of about 750000 square meters, with nearly 4000 exhibitors. It gives full play to the ability to integrate resources across the industry chain and channels, and actively empowers the industry and enterprises to promote high-quality development in the post epidemic era.

In the whole design of furniture, Mimons integrates the incompetent life attitude into it. Fashion design and exquisite workmanship are available for selection. It pursues to outline a delicate and restrained space with a simple atmosphere. Let every customer immerse in the scene and feel the influence of its atmosphere, which not only adds creativity to the space, but also satisfies our aesthetic pursuit of creativity and individuality.
We can better understand "beauty" from the perspective of raw materials, solid colors, simple design concepts and the essence of pursuing beauty. It interprets the gentle and plain life aesthetics, which has a long and poetic significance.

We will wait for your arrival at booth number: 11.3A01!

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