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Outdoor Accessories

We have launched a variety of hotel leisure furniture in multiple specifications and colors, which are the primary choice for many hotel leisure furniture.outdoor accessories

Baby Bedding Accessories

baby bedding accessories。It has many kinds of fabric which could be matched freely according to the overall decoration and furniture design style.

Polyester Fiber

China polyester fiber
Bamboo Charcoal Fiber Bamboo Charcoal Fiber is known as the "Black Diamond" and is internationally known as the "New Guardian of Bamboo Charcoal Fiber for Environmental Protection in the 21st Century".
Bamboo charcoal is another brand-new environmental protection material with excellent performance developed by bamboo resources.
Bamboo charcoal fiber uses nanotechnology to first micronize bamboo charcoal, and then process nano-level bamboo charcoal powder through high-tech technology, and then use the traditional chemical fiber preparation process to spin forming and prepare qualified bamboo charcoal fiber.