How to choose the color of outdoor parasol?

1. Distinguish umbrellas, umbrellas are not umbrellas, and outdoor umbrellas are not outdoor parasol

Usually the umbrella cloth we use is only coated with a thin layer of silver glue, which is not resistant to ultraviolet rays. Outdoor umbrellas can also be used as umbrellas to cover the rain in the event of sudden rain, but if the outdoor umbrellas are often eroded by rain, the glue on the umbrella may fall off, reducing the protective effect. Therefore, do not mix.

2. Choose polyester cloth, yarn-dyed cloth, imported Cyblon and other umbrella cloth materials

Carefully check the protection class markings. According to the "Ultraviolet Protection Performance Evaluation of Textiles" issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China, only when the UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) is greater than 30 and the UVA (long-wave ultraviolet) transmittance is less than 5%, it can be called an ultraviolet protection product, and the protection level standard It is "upf30+"; when the UPF is greater than 50, it indicates that the product has excellent protection performance." When purchasing an outdoor sunshade, consumers should carefully check the protection level mark, and then choose the umbrella that suits them according to the local sunshine conditions, according to the surface of the umbrella. The characteristics of the fabric can be used to preliminarily judge the UV protection performance. Generally speaking, cotton, silk, nylon and viscose have poor UV protection, while polyester fabrics have better UV protection. Usually used to make umbrellas, polyester fabrics, color Dingbu, McIntosh, etc. Mojia Outdoor Furniture's outdoor umbrellas have always used 280g polyester cloth and colored fabrics. Only when customers request, will they choose imported Cyblon umbrella cloth umbrella fabrics.

3. The choice of umbrella surface should be large and not small

When choosing an umbrella surface, umbrellas with sparse fabrics generally have poor anti-ultraviolet performance, and consumers should buy them carefully. Because the fabric has the characteristic of shrinking, when purchasing the sunshade, the umbrella surface should be large rather than small.

4. Color selection

The color of the fabric of the parasol is related to the UV protection performance. Under the same conditions, the darker the color of the umbrella, the better the anti-ultraviolet effect: the ultraviolet transmittance of the black umbrella is 5%; the ultraviolet transmittance of navy blue, red, dark green and purple is 5%-10%; green, light The UV transmittance of red, light green and white umbrellas is 15%-20%. Mojia outdoor furniture shades are available in three colors: dark green, burgundy and khaki, all of which have a UV transmittance of 5%-10%. Umbrella cloths of other colors can be customized. Buying outdoor sunshades mainly depends on the scene of use. Commercial plazas and courtyard gardens have different styles, including sentry umbrellas, which also have their own design styles and materials. Home outdoor furniture, providing suggestions on the purchase of outdoor umbrellas.