How to choose baby pillow first

1. Moderately soft and hard
Because the baby's skull is soft, the chimney door and the skull line are not completely closed, long-term use of too hard pillows will cause a flat skull or a large face, affect the appearance, and may also cause neck muscle fatigue.
When buying a baby pillow, you should choose a moderately soft and hard pillow, and press the surface of the pillow with your hands. If it rebounds quickly after being concave, it means that the pillow has good elasticity and just the right hardness.
2. Highly suitable
The pillow should not be too high or too low, but should fit the curve of your baby's neck.
After the age of 1, the baby's pillow is generally 3~9cm, and the height should be adjusted according to the baby's age.
3. Selection of fabric and pillow core
The fabric of the baby pillow is best to choose pure cotton, which is skin-friendly and sweat-absorbent. In fact, it is better to use pure cotton products for the baby's close-fitting items. If you want the baby to have a good head shape, the mother can help the baby to change the sleeping position more, not always on one side.
4. Regular cleaning
Because the baby often sweats, drools, etc., it is easy to soil the pillow, so pay attention to choosing materials that are easy to clean when purchasing. Dry the pillow regularly, wash the pillowcase, and do not neglect to clean and replace the pillow core to ensure cleanliness.​​​​